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Props for our Props!

As well as styling & coordinating your wedding, we also design & make bespoke props for you to hire for the big day. So, basically, when it comes to your wedding's aesthetic, we've got you covered!

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The Studio: Before & After

As you saw in our last post - WE HAVE A STUDIO! Yay!! We are very proud of it, mostly because it's beautiful but also because, when we first found it, it really, really wasn't. Here is how this space looked before... I know, right?! It took quite some work to get it looking like this... All 'after' images by Laura Beresford Photography The space hadn't been used for a year, so our first job was to clean. A good, proper, hands and knees, scrubbing the walls, kinda clean. We picked the hottest two weeks of the year to do this, so that was a bonus... oops! We hadn't had our own studio space before, we'd always met with couples...

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